About Us




Our origins date back to 1978. North Wells Capital is rooted in Urban Innovations’ legacy of pioneering River North in Chicago. Urban Innovations has successfully redeveloped numerous vintage brick and timber loft properties to high-quality market-leading creative office, many of which they still own and manage today. North Wells Capital was formed to add an investment and asset management focus, drive value creation, and seek new opportunities.



We seek to capitalize on opportunities where we can leverage our unique skill set to create value. Combining a strong and experienced team, disciplined and mindful business planning, hard work, and a creative approach, North Wells Capital aims to achieve and exceed our clients’ real estate investment objectives. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of commitment and fiduciary responsibility to our investors throughout all aspects of investment and asset management.

Assets Under Management


North Wells Capital has nearly $300 million of assets under management as of Q3-2019, totaling over 1 million SF of commercial real estate.